50 years of fire

The year is 1965. Raffaele Femminis and Alberto Maialetti had been working in the firing industry for some time when they decided to establish “FRAC”. The company quickly specialised in the design, construction and supply of firing systems for brick factories. The production is mainly focused on volumetric control, heavy oil operated burners.
FRAC has grown in line with the development of the market.

The company moved from its small workshop based in Milan in 1976, transferring to larger, better organised premises in Fizzonasco, a hamlet of Pieve Emanuele in the province of Milan, ready for new entrepreneurial challenges.
Thanks to the in-depth technical knowledge possessed by the owners and the team of well-trained personnel, FRAC became a point of reference in Italy, such that it supported development of the gas network for the industrial sector that was put in place by Snam in the seventies.

FRAC burners for brick factories have also gained popularity outside of Italy: from Europe to Africa and from Asia to South America.
FRAC's reliability has been universally recognised since the eighties.

Quality has played an essential role in this achievement. It is the most important requirement throughout the entire production chain, where nothing is left to chance or approximation.